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This page provides information and links that are relevant to the Treasurer volunteer role. For information regarding Quickbooks, DIVVY, Qvinci, and other related financial applications, go to Financial Systems.

Education Pathway

For additional training information, see Regional Treasurer Position Description and Management Training Grid

How to Get Started

After you have been appointed or elected as Treasurer, you will need to do the following:

  • Complete all the steps to be a current volunteer with AYSO.
  • Review the Regional Treasurer Position Description.
  • Complete the training specified in the Regional Treasurer Position Description.
  • Confirm with your Regional Commissioner that you are listed as the treasurer of record in the Security Tab in the Affinity platform.
  • Contact the AYSO Finance Department by email and notify them that you are the new treasurer for your Region.  They will assist you in getting access to QuickBooks online.
  • Get added to your Region's bank accounts as a signer on the accounts.
  • When possible, work with the existing treasurer for your Region to transfer all books, records, and checkbooks and to assist you in your transition into the position.  If the existing treasurer is not available, work with your Regional Commissioner and Area Treasurer.  Treasurers from other Regions in your Area are also a great resource.
  • Become familiar with the Region’s financial management by reviewing the Region’s bank accounts and QuickBooks records.

Recurring Tasks

The Regional Treasurer Position Description describes all of the recurring task of Regional Treasurer, including the following:

  • Maintaining the Region's books and financial records.
  • Collecting and depositing cash and checks.
  • Paying expenses and reimbursements.
  • Reconciling the Region bank and credit card accounts.
  • Assist in preparing the Region budget and track compliance with the budget.
  • Reporting the financial condition to the Region Board.

Checking and Savings Accounts

The Checking and Savings Accounts page has information about the following topics:

  • Opening an account
  • Regional investments
  • Region checks
  • Account signatories
  • AYSO Treasurer guidelines
  • BILL Spend & Expense Credit Card
AYSO is always here to help with your region's finances. Email us at See the Support page for other ways of getting help. Can't find a topic? Send us your needs or suggestions at

Treasurer FAQ's

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