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During 2021 AYSO adopted the Divvy Credit Card program. This program allowed AYSO to use their accounting platform Zipbooks for free. Since then, acquired Divvy and Zipbooks and as an Intuit partner, does not plan to continue to support Zipbooks. Though no date has been announced, AYSO has made the decision to preemptively move to QuickBooks to prevent any business interruption.


QuickBooks Online (QBO) is the number one small business accounting platform. Additional, several AYSO Regions use QuickBooks and were able to attest to the functionality for AYSO operations. QuickBooks Online offers all of the functionality of Zipbooks, with a similar interface, and additional features NOT offered by Zipbooks like check printing.


Qvinci is a third-party platform that consolidates individual QuickBooks accounts for territory (Section and Area) and Organizational visibility and reporting. Qvinci is an authorized reseller and support center for QBO. AYSO has partnered with Qvinci to provide QBO licenses, training and support.

Transition Outline

There are eight migration Phases, starting November 7, 2022 through April 20, 2023. Many Regions have been assigned to Phases 1-4. Emails with Phase assignments will go out the first week of October. Regions who complete the transition to QuickBooks during one of the Phases will be eligible for Region Incentive (cash) Awards.

Phase Assignments

Phase Assignments may be changed with notice. Phases begin two weeks prior to the Phase Training Date. If you are assigned to a Phase that does not work for you, you may request to be reassigned by emailing

Download-icon-green.svg   Download Phase Assignments

Not Assigned

If you have not received a Phase Assignment email by October 10, you may email to request your preferred Phase. Note, we can only accommodate 100 Regions per Phase, and so your first choice may not be available. Consider offering a second choice in your email request.

Missed Phase Assignment

If you do not change your Phase Assignment, your QuickBooks license will still be assigned to your Section, Area, Region and your 12 months of FREE QBO will begin even if you are unable to access the credentials. To prevent the clock from starting, you must change your Phase Assignment two weeks prior to the Phase Training Date.

Phase Training Dates


Completed Onboarding


These are the items required to be completed to be eligible for the Region Incentive Awards:

Regions New to QuickBooks (version 1)

Two Weeks Before Phase Training Date
  • Schedule Onboarding appointment for new QBO license with Qvinci
    • AYSO will send invitation with link to schedule
    • Appointments are schedule for 15 minutes and generally last 7-10 minutes
    • Call is to determine:
      • Primary User (inputs transactions) and Accountant (reviews transactions)
      • Zipbooks data migration, if any (transactions must be categorized and reconciled to be eligible)
  • Obtain QBO login credentials
One Week Before Phase Training Date
  • Complete AYSO QuickBooks Online QuickStart training in AYSOU. This is a prerequisite to attending the QuickBooks Live Training Event (Q&A)

QBO Quickstart.png

  • Register for QuickBooks Online for AYSO - Live Q&A in AYSOU for your Phase.

QBO Q&A 2.png

  • Connect Bank Account(s) to QuickBooks
  • Connect Divvy to QuickBooks
Attend QuickBooks Live Training Event

Regions using QuickBooks (version 2)

  • Schedule Onboarding appointment for connection of existing QuickBooks with Qvinci
    • Qvinci will send invitation with link to schedule
    • Appointments are schedule for 15 minutes and generally last 7-10 minutes
    • Call will connect existing QuickBooks license with Section, Area and Organization
  • Training is Optional for Regions already using QuickBooks or whose Treasurer has an accounting background. However, to be eligible for the Drawing, you must email to opt out of training and still be considered 'Complete.'

Region Incentive Awards

To incentivize our REGIONS** for each of the Phases, Regions who have Completed Onboarding will be entered into the Phase drawing. The winner will receive a cash prize up to $1,000.

** Sections and Areas will not be eligible for the Incentive Awards

Drawing Date

Drawing Date = Monday one week from the Monday following the Phase Training Date. Example, if Phase Training Date is Thursday, November 17, then the Drawing Date for Phase 2 will be Monday, November 28.

On the morning of the ‘Drawing Date’ AYSO office will pull one report from Qvinci and one report from etrainu to determine which Regions have completed either Version 1 or Version 2 and thus are eligible for the drawing. Those eligible Regions will be placed into a randomly generated drawing such as The winning Region will receive a cash prize deposited into the region’s bank account. The remaining Regions that qualified, but were not selected will not roll into the next drawing.

Incentives will be awarded as follows:

Phases 1-8, two winners per Phase, $1,000 each

Late/Rescheduled/Missed Phase Assignments

If, for instance, the region started the adoption process, but did not complete before the drawing date, but then subsequently completes the process during the next phase, the region will be eligible in the phase of completion. Drawings end at the end of Phase 8.

If a Region was given the opportunity to be part of Phase 2 but doesn’t actually do the On Boarding until Phase 3, they will be included in the drawing in Phase 3. The results will be included in The Insider following the drawing and or a special email will be sent out to all participants. All participating Regions are given the same opportunity to be a part of the drawing to win.  Regions that adopt after 8 Phases are complete, will still qualify to have their first year of QBO paid for by the office, but will not qualify for Region Incentive Awards.