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Divvy is our credit card program made available to AYSO Regions (excluding affiliates). Each Region is assigned a credit line based on player count. The credit line belongs to AYSO and is not linked to anyone’s personal credit line. To request a credit line increase please reach out to your section director.  

Regions are not allowed to apply for or use any other credit card.

Some of the many advantages of the Divvy card are listed below. Click on the links to get more information on various topics.  


  • Make purchases anywhere Mastercard is accepted
  • Customize auto-pay and other payments settings
  • Immediate visibility of transactions online or on the app
  • Virtual cards for recurring transactions (Sterling, storage, utilities, etc.)
  • Physical cards for those who need it
    • Example: Use to purchase food for concession stand
  • Reduce fraud, pay vendors with a credit card instead of sending a check in the mail
    • Mail fraud and check washing is happening
  • Easy to cancel cards and deactivate users by a click of a button, no phone calls
  • Categorize transactions by NAP code in Divvy online or in the app
  • Load receipts in Divvy online or in the app
  • Multi Factor Authentication for added security
  • Reduce the need for reimbursement checks by utilizing Divvy Reimbursements
  • Create budgets by card, by user, by month, one time, etc. Many options available.
    • Budgets are a way to monitor and assign spending limits, and do not need to be linked to the actual regional budget

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