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All AYSO insurance plans are contingent upon the Region registering all of its players and volunteers. The AYSO National Organization may suspend liability insurance coverage for fields if payment of the National Annual Player Membership Fee is not received and the Region may be assessed some or all of the amount paid for medical claims made by a player or volunteer not registered with the AYSO National Organization at the time of injury.

The Regional Treasurer should work with the Registrar and CVPA to ensure that every player and volunteer is properly registered, and that the National Annual Player Membership fee is paid in a prompt manner. This is essential to minimize the liability exposure to AYSO.


Present an update of the financial position of your Region at each Board Meeting. Ideally you should provide a financial statement.  At a minimum, you should provide the balance for each bank account, a summary of income and expenses, and a summary of outstanding invoices or anticipated material expenditures to be made in the next 30 – 60 days.


Sponsorships, contributions, and donations made to AYSO may be tax deductible. Player registration fees and traveling expenses for tournaments, etc., are NOT tax-deductible items for the parents/guardians.

There is a Donation Tax ID Acknowledgement letter that you can download from the website to give to your sponsor or contributor. This letter also serves as a receipt for their tax records.


Donation information can be found at:  https://wiki.ayso.org/wiki/Donations - Donation_platforms


A refund to player’s parents for their participation in the Region is at the discretion of the Regional Commissioner and the Regional

Board. Make sure to list your policy on refunds and NSF fees on your website or in a handout.

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