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AYSO has Regions in all parts of the country. Where weather is a factor, some offer one “primary program” over a brief 60 to 90 day period and then they are done for the year. Other Regions offer a partial “primary program” at one time of the year and then return again several months later to continue the primary program (split seasons), keeping teams together and filling in dropped players with newly registered players. Still other Regions enjoy weather that permits play almost year-round. These Regions play a 10 – 12 week “primary program,” then engage in one or more rounds of playoffs. Later, these Regions may offer one or more sub-seasons, travel to tournaments or get involved in other “secondary” programs.

AYSO refers to the official AYSO year as the Membership Year. Membership Years are designated as MYXXXX where XXXX is the year in which the membership period begins. For example, MY2024 begins on August 1, 2024 and ends on July 31, 2025.

All players and volunteers are members of AYSO for the entire Membership Year once placed on teams or assigned volunteer positions and fees are paid.

The full fee is due regardless of the number of games or “mini-seasons” in which a player participates during the Region’s playing season(s). When preparing the Region’s annual budget and any player registration fees, be aware that the Annual National Player Membership Fee may be changed at the National Annual General Meeting (NAGM) when developing Registration materials and communications.

Regions can open registration for multiple player programs (seasons) and volunteer programs by Membership Year, Program type and by Division simultaneously in AYSO’s system of record.

Important Note: Caution should be used when setting up registration programs (seasons) to make sure the Membership Year, Season dates, Programs and Divisions are correct. Players and volunteers cannot be transferred from one Membership Year to another or between programs.

For details on how to set up Registration programs, consult the AYSO Wiki for Registrars, and the AYSO Wiki for CVPAs.

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