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Video Walkthrough of Creating a Core Program here:

Sign in to Sports Connect - you will need a Role that displays the Registration menu

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Under Registration, choose Registration Forms. Click the "+ Add Program" button. Note - you may also Copy an old program if you have a similar one you have built before. There is a copy icon to the far right of each existing Program (consider reviewing Archived Programs).

Add program.png

Registration Type

There are three types of registration: One-Step (most common), Two-Step (Try Out), and Free Programs & Events (e.g. single day camps, clinics). Select the Type for your program, likely One-Step Registration Process (this is for a standard season)

Program Settings

These setting 'affiliate' your program with AYSO for One and Two-Step Programs. Free Programs & Events have fewer Settings resulting in un-affiliated Programs. Click the Soccer Ball, then Save & Continue.

Additional Program Settings

  1. Name your program (something like 2022 Fall Core Soccer)
  2. Use the National Affiliation drop-down menu to choose AYSO
  3. Select your Section in the Section drop-down
  4. Select your Area in the Area drop-down
  5. Select your Region in the Region drop-down
  6. Select the season in the Season drop-down, examples:
    1. Spring 2023, Choose "2022-2023 MY2022"
    2. Fall 2023, Choose 2023-2024 MY2023
  7. Under the Play Level (Program Type) drop-down, choose Core (most common)
  8. In the Program Description window add information that helps your customers identify this as the program they are looking for. Click "Save & Continue"

Division Settings

For each Play Level default Age Divisions, set at the National level, appear. Starting in MY2023, infrequently used age divisions across all Play Levels were removed from the defaults to reduce the number of Age Divisions to be archived. Below are the MY2023 default Age Divisions and corresponding roster sizes by Play Type. Note: gray=Age Division not defaulted


Removing Divisions

To remove any remaining Age Divisions you will not be offering, click the Archive button.

Div settings.png

Add Divisions

If a Division you would like to offer is no longer in the defaults, you may add an Age Division. Example: add 15U. Select the existing Age Division older than, but closest to the Age Division you would like to add. Use the Copy feature (pictured above) to duplicate, in our example you would select 16U. Rename the Division and adjust the Age Range. Save.

Add division.png

Coed Divisions

Initially you will see divisions for both even and odd years (6U, 7U, 8U, through 19U). You will also see Playground (4U) and SchoolYard (5U) at the bottom. None of these defaults are Coed

If any of your divisions are Coed rather than Boys and Girls, you can remove one of the genders (e.g. - Girls) - you will be changing the remaining gender to Coed

Registration & Season Dates

You can see the default Registration open and close dates under each Division - they currently default to Feb 1 2022 through July 31 2023. These are also the default Season open and close dates.


Bulk Edit

You can use the Bulk Edit drop-down (top right) to set all division dates the same. If MOST are the same, you can go back and edit the ones that are different later.

IMPORTANT - take care setting these dates. Here are the rules:

  • The Registration Open cannot be after the Season Start
  • The Registration Close cannot be after the Season End
  • If you are moving your open dates later, FIRST move your Season Start date, then your Registration Open date.
  • If you are moving your open dates earlier, FIRST move your Registration Open date, then your Season Start date.
  • If you are moving your close dates earlier, FIRST move your Registration Close date, then your Season End date
  • If you are moving your close dates later, FIRST move your Season End date, then your Registration Close date.

Division Price, Early Bird Discount, Late Fee and Payment Plans

You can use the Bulk Edit dropdown (top right) to set the fees for all divisions the same (you can edit them later if some need to be different). For Early Bird Discount and Late Fees, specify the start date and time. For Payment Plans, specify the due dates & amounts

Age Ranges

Having added or removed Age Divisions, you must edit the age ranges; example, edit 8U to include 6 & 7 year olds. For 8U through 16U, to create a two-year Age Division, increase the Youngest Birthday Year by 1 (e.g. - 12/31/2015 becomes 12/31/2016)

For 19U, increase the Youngest Birthday Year by 2 (to account for 16, 17 & 18 year olds) (e.g. - 12/31/2004 becomes 12/31/2006)

Gender Settings

If you have any divisions that are Coed, be sure you archived one of the two genders, then change the other (both Name and Gender)

Before you complete Division Settings, edit any specific divisions where you want different dates, fees, etc by clicking the pencil to the right of the Division name.

Registration Questions

The default questions are required by AYSO. You only have the option to make Player Photo and Birth Certificate Required or not. NOTE: If you choose Not Required, the question will still be shown, but the parent can complete registration without answering/uploading during the registration process.

If you want additional questions, click the "+ Add Question" at the bottom, and choose Standard Question. If you don't find what you want in Standard Question, choose Custom Question and create your own. Note that in either case you have the option of making them Required or not.

Discounts & Fees

Beyond Early Bird and Late Fees, here is where you can set Family Discounts, Resident or Non-Resident or Custom Fees.

Team Staff

Here is where you can decide which roles you would like parents to Volunteer for during the Registration process and what information you want them to provide (questions). For those that you do not need, delete them by clicking the trash can to the right. NOTE: For Volunteer Roles that last for the entire Membership Year (not just Fall or Spring), consider creating a Volunteer or Referee Program for Board Members and other positions. REMEMBER: when you archive a Program, all parents who volunteered inside that Program during Registration will be set to inactive for their volunteer status removing their access to AYSOU. Alternatively, you can wait to archive programs until the end of the Membership Year. If the Registration dates are in the past, the Program will not be visible to parents registering players.

For those that you need, click the pencil to the right and add names, descriptions, information and questions. The first set are required by AYSO

Confirmation Notes

Here is where you can decide what to tell your family or volunteer (Team Staff) in the email they receive when they complete their registration. Remember to thank them for joining AYSO.

Have a great Season!