Activate Region Payments to Sterling

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Some regions pay for their volunteers’ background checks. To activate or deactivate this, send an email to or call Stack Sports at 866-672-1067 to request the change.

Only Administrators (Regional Commissioner’s, Section Director’s, Area Director’s) can complete the Sterling Volunteers Auto Pay Form.

Download-icon-green.svg   Download Sterling Volunteers Auto Pay Form

Click the above link, complete the form and submit to

Use this form if you need to do any of the following:

  • Change in administrators (Regional Commissioner’s, Section Director’s, Area Director’s).
    • Update email address for the primary recipient of the bill/invoice
  • Update the bank account
  • Activate auto payment

After the completed form is sent to Sterling, call to confirm changes 800-853-3228 Option 6.

Sample Sterling Form:


If you would like more than one person to receive the invoice via email, separate email addresses by a semicolon. Example:;