Regional Board Member Training

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This course is the training requirement for board positions that don’t have a job specific course. AysoU

All Board Members are encouraged to take this course as it has a lot of valuable general information about being a Board Member.

However, if you fill one of the board roles, please also be sure to attend the job specific course for that position

Job Responsibilities

In addition to any specific job duties, every Regional board member is expected to:

• Support the AYSO Vision of providing world class youth soccer programs that enrich children’s lives.

• Promote the AYSO Six Philosophies.

• Abide by AYSO’s National Bylaws, Rules & Regulations, Policy

Statements and the Standard Regional Policies and Protocols.

• Create a safe haven for all participants.

Follow Your Job Description

AYSO Reference Book

What else is in the AYSO Reference Book?

• National Bylaws

Organizational structure & governance

• National Rules and Regulations

AYSO Game Rules

• National Policy Statements

AYSO Policy

• Standard Regional Policies & Protocols

Regional Responsibilities, Financial Policies

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