Division Coordinator

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The AYSO volunteer position of division coordinator is intended to handle activities and communication within the divisions established by age groups and/or gender.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

The division coordinator is expected to:

  1. Organize and chair team formation night with all coaches and assistant coaches to review evaluations and modify as necessary;
  2. Separate players by age and skill levels and form BALANCED teams;
  3. Ensure each team has a coach, an assistant coach, a team representative, and a sponsor;
  4. Generate complete team rosters (players, coaches, assistant coaches, and sponsor);
  5. Ensure uniforms are properly distributed;
  6. Schedule divisional games and fields;
  7. Collect scores and standing to distribute appropriate plaques and trophies to teams for tournaments and regular season play;
  8. Organize and schedule any make-up games if necessary;
  9. Ensure all coaches complete player evaluation forms and collect forms by end of regular season;
  10. Ensure evaluations fairly reflect demonstrated abilities of players;
  11. Turn in player evaluations to regional commissioner; and
  12. Serve as a liaison between regional commissioner, coaches, referees and parents regarding any questions, problems, or general information throughout the season.