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AYSO is renowned for our innovative coaching program designed specifically for volunteer parent coaches. With age-appropriate programs for players ages 3 to 19, AYSO has designed a comprehensive and realistic training model for today’s parent coach.

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AYSO's Playground and Schoolyard preschool programs prioritize fundamental motor skill development and social and emotional learning presented in a fun, game-based environment.

The Core program caters to individuals 6-19 years old developing their skills within a team dynamic.

Our Coaching Program is accredited by the US Center for Coaching Excellence, and we have recently been recognized as a Project Play Champion by the prestigious Aspen Institute.

The Coaching Program is accompanied by volunteer training and certification courses for all levels of coaching. Presented in a fun and dynamic learning system that features both online and in-person components, the training pathway features global and current methodology.

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Education Pathway

All coaches must complete an annual background check and have current certifications:

California, Indiana, Maryland, Ohio, Tennessee, Washington require completion of Sudden Cardiac Arrest training. AYSO recommends that all coaches complete this.

Per-level Requirements
Playground and Schoolyard Playground and Schoolyard Activity Leader
6U 6U online or in-person
8U 8U online or in-person

(Completion of 6U Coaching Course is recommended)

10U 10U online or in-person plus 10U on field

(Completion of 8U Coaching Course is recommended)

12U 12U online, 12U in-person classroom and field

(Completion of 10U Coaching Course is recommended)

Intermediate (14U) 14U online, 14U in-person classroom and field

(Completion of 12U Coaching Course is required)

Advanced (19U) 19U online, 19U in-person classroom and field

(Completion of Intermediate Coaching Course is required)

Continuing Education

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When you're done your training, there are a number of tools and courses available to help you deepen your skills as a coach:


  • The Coaching Cycle
  • Training Objectives Using the 5 W’s
  • Selecting a Training Session
  • Coaching with Restricted Field Space
  • Principles of Play
  • Attacking and Defending Principals
  • Integrating Goal Keeping into Training Sessions

The Coaching Manual has both free and for-fee content to help with planning and running your practice sessions. Check with your region in advance to ask if they will reimburse the cost. The Coaching Manual has developed a unique and exclusive education membership program for our AYSO and AYSO United members that will include drills, practice sessions, videos and professional tips tailored specifically to our AYSO membership

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Top Tekkers is a for-fee learning platform for players around 5-14 years old, who want to improve their skills and master the beautiful game! TopTekkers enables coaches and parents to help their young players be the best they can be by supporting their skill development.

Coach FAQ's

Who needs to be certified?

Every coach and assistant coach. If there are multiple assistants then all must be certified in order to work with the players during practice. Certification means having passed the appropriate class for the age division , Safe Haven, and Concussion Awareness training.

I don't know anything about soccer. Can I still help coach?

Yes! AYSO provides training and materials. Being a coach involves skills you probably already have in addition to specific soccer knowledge. If you are uncertain, try being an assistant coach. Your Region's Coach Administrator will be happy to try to match you up with somebody with a little more experience.

What is the time commitment of being an AYSO coach? Assistant coach?

Generally, coaches run at least one training session and one game per week for their team. Your Region’s Commissioner or Coach Administrator can guide you on the routine for your Region.

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