AYSO Reference Book

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In the AYSO Reference Book, you can find further information on the following:

  • AYSO National Bylaws
  • AYSO National Rules & Regulations
  • AYSO EXTRA Rules & Regulation
  • AYSO National Policy Statements
  • AYSO Standard Regional Policies and Protocols
  • AYSO United Standard Policies
  • AYSO Fundamentals
  • The Organization of Soccer
  • Regional Operations
  • AYSO Safe Haven
  • National Coaching Program
  • National Referee Program
  • Management Program
  • Additional Programs (such as AYSO Adult Soccer, Section EXPOs, National Games, etc.)
  • Tournaments and Secondary Play
  • AYSO Position Descriptions
  • Acronyms and Abbreviations

You can download the latest version here: https://aysovolunteers.org/ayso-reference-book/

AYSO Reference Book - Last update: August 4, 2023

Most recent updates (most recent on top):

  • Section 2 Rules & Regulations VI “Players Equipment” (F)
  • National Policy Statement 2.12 added definitions
  • National Policy Statement 2.18
  • Bylaw 3.08
  • Bylaw 4.04(c)
  • Bylaw 10.01 (d)
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