Regional Referee Administrator

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The Regional Referee Administrator (RRA) – is one of the 7 required Regional Board positions as specified in the National Bylaws and Standard Regional Policies and Protocols. The RRA position is intended to implement, monitor, and maintain the AYSO National Referee Program including program delivery, staff development, communication, and coordination at the regional level.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

The Regional Referee Administrator is expected to perform their duties consistent with the directions as detailed in the training, certification, and continuing education provided by AYSO for this position including:

  • Registering referees annually.
  • Working with the Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA) to ensure all referees are registered, trained & certified.
  • Appointing a Regional Director of Referee Instruction (RDI).
  • Appointing a Regional Director of Referee Assessment (RDA).
  • Developing a schedule for training and game coverage.
  • Preparing an annual budget.
  • Communication – before, during and after the season.
  • Providing leadership and be an active role model.
  • Promoting Stewards of the Game and referee welfare within the Region.
  • Representing the Region at Area meetings.
  • Knowing rules at the Region, Area, Section, and National level.
  • Working with RC, Region Coach Administrator and Region staff.
  • Identifying and train a successor.
  • Collaborating with the Area Referee Administrator (ARA).
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