Assessment Notes Report

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The Assessment Notes report outlines the notes advised when a learner is assessed through the assessing app. To build your report, consider the following filters:

  1. Organization: This defaults to AYSO.
  2. Area: Advise the area to pull data for a specific area you have access to.
  3. Region: Advise the region to pull data for a specific region you have access to.
  4. Learner: This field is optional; however, you can advise a learner you wish to report on.
  5. Course Selection: Select the course or courses you wish to report on.
  6. Date Ranges: You can filter the reports based on a variety of date ranges from in the past, present or future.
  7. Submit: Click this to create your report.

If any assistance is needed, please reach out to the etrainu Support Team at