Regional Coach Administrator

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The regional coach administrator is expected to:

  1. Provide leadership and be an active role model exemplifying the AYSO culture and philosophies;
  2. Work with other administrators of the region (regional commissioner, registrar, and division coordinators) to ensure there are enough coaches to support the size of the region;
  3. Ensure that each coach or assistant coach (a) registers to be a volunteer via eAYSO; or (b) completes a volunteer application form in accordance with the National Support & Training Center applicable policies and guidelines and that they are properly registered;
  4. Participate in team formation as needed to ensure the tenets of AYSO are followed;
  5. Coordinate a pre-season coaches meeting where issues of sportsmanship, safety, new laws, and specific regional issues are presented;
  6. See that U-6, U-8, U-10, and U-12 Coach Courses are conducted for all new coaches;
  7. Work with the area coach trainer in scheduling Intermediate Coach Courses for coaches who are certified as U-12 coaches with one to three years of coaching experience;
  8. Work with the section coach trainer in scheduling and publicizing Advanced Coach Courses as needed for coaches who are certified as Intermediate Coaches with four to five years of coaching experience;
  9. Maintain a list of registered coaches, including their current certification level, by (a) downloading a printout from eAYSO; or (b) requesting a printout from the AYSO National Support & Training Center;
  10. Provide in-season training opportunities and special events for coaches (specialized clinics, pizza night, etc.);
  11. Contribute articles on coaching to the regional newsletter;
  12. Assist the regional commissioner in handling any coaching related issues;
  13. Participate in player ratings and extended season team formation as needed;
  14. Maintain a regional library of coach training material;
  15. Coordinate a post-season meeting of coaches (a) to secure player ratings to be used for team balancing in the next season; (b) to recognize contributions; and (c) to gather input for the following year (a list of coaches who will return, names of potential new coaches, etc.);
  16. Attend the annual Section Conference and other Area/Section meetings as required throughout the year;
  17. Be sure to use only AYSO registered and certified instructors in clinics and coaching courses;
  18. Ensure that all coaching courses held within the region are properly registered with the National Support & Training Center; and
  19. Ensure that rosters for all coaching courses held within the region are complete, legible, and sent to the National Support & Training Center in a timely manner after making a copy for the regional files.
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