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How do I contact the AYSO Finance Department?


Phone: (800) USA-AYSO or (800) 872-2976

Fax: (310) 525-1155

American Youth Soccer Organization

Attn: Finance Department

19700 S. Vermont Ave., Suite 103

Torrance, CA 90502

Web Site:

Why do Treasurers need to be trained

Training and Certification ensures that volunteers understand the available resources and the responsibilities of their positions. It also offers the best hope that every family will receive the best possible AYSO experience.

What training is offered to a Treasurer?

AYSO training for Treasurers begins with the Regional Commissioner. The next step is to take AYSO’s Safe Haven and the Treasurer Course offered online on AYSOU or from a qualified Management Instructor. Additional training is offered during Section EXPOs. Consult your Area Director or Area Management Administrator for details on local training opportunities.

What is the time commitment?

The Regional Commissioner can identify the time requirements for the Treasurer position.

Where can Treasurers go for support?

First, seek help from your Regional Commissioner. If you need further assistance, call on your neighboring Region counterparts, Area counterparts, Section counterparts or the AYSO Finance Department.

How is the Treasurer involved in registration?

The Treasurer or his/her trained representative must employ a process, using at least two trained volunteers, that will reconcile the number of registrations and the amount of monies collected. Cash and checks received in the mail or from any in-person event must be deposited the same day collected or on the next banking day. National Annual Player Registration Fees must be paid to the AYSO National Organization.

Does the Treasurer have to prepare the entire Region budget?

No, the Treasurer is responsible for assisting the Regional Commissioner with preparing the annual budget and providing reports on past expenditures and receipts, but is not solely responsible for its completion. Other Board Members should assist in the process.

How do Regions open up a bank account?

Certain procedures need to be followed when opening a bank account with a federally insured financial institution. This is explained in detail under the section Checking and Savings Accounts/Opening an Account’. Note that all bank statements, including electronic images of cancelled checks must still be sent directly to the AYSO Finance Department or uploaded to one of AYSO’s suggested storage locations ( Make sure that your bank knows this if your Region uses the Region’s local address on the checks.

Can Regions use a Debit or Credit Card?

Other than a card specifically authorized by AYSO (currently the DIVVY card), AYSO policies prohibit the use of a debit or credit card as all disbursements are to be done by check only, written against the Region’s checking account. The Region may use a ‘Deposit Only’ ATM card. At times, when opening a new account, some banks automatically issue credit/debit cards to the signers on the account. These are not permitted and are routinely destroyed when received at AYSO National Office.

Can the Region use online banking?

Yes, online banking is permitted.

Where can I get forms and documents such as the AYSO IRS tax determination letter, Budget, or the AYSO Chart of Accounts?

These forms and documents are available for download at the AYSO website:

How do Regions close a bank account?

Contact the AYSO Finance Department to inform them of the closing and plans for transferring funds. If the Region is closing a bank account and transferring the funds to a new or existing region bank account, a check must be written for the balance remaining payable to the Region (i.e., AYSO Region _ _ _ _). The check should be deposited immediately into the new/existing account and coded 5701. The Region should inform the bank that a closing statement must be sent to the Finance Department.

A Region has decided to shut down. Where should the remaining funds in the bank account go?

If the Region is closing down, the Area Director and the AYSO Finance Department should be informed. The remaining balance of any accounts should be sent to the Finance Department in the form of a check. The Treasurer and Regional Commissioner are not relieved of their fiduciary obligations until all assets (financial and physical) are properly accounted for.

Can multiple codes be used on one check?

Yes, as long as the codes and corresponding amounts are clear and legible. As banks are now returning copies of checks on electronic images, at times, they are hard to read as they are very small. Writing as large as possible will help ensure that the data is accurately entered into the financial system.

My check supply is running low. How do I re-order checks?

Contact the bank or check supply company to re-order checks. Checks can often be purchased for less through check supply companies not affiliated with your bank, including through Costco, Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Amazon. The checks should arrive at AYSO Office where they are routed to the Regional Treasurer of record’s mailing address. If the Region does not have their Region number on the bank statement header address, the AYSO National Office has to open the packet to identify the account number with the list of bank accounts in their database or read the check address to see if it has the Region number imprinted on it. If this is a new account and there is no means to identify who to send it to, the packet is returned to the bank or check company.

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