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Opening an account

Contact the AYSO Financial Department to open, close or change any bank account as regulatory requirements frequently change.

All AYSO accounts must comply with the following:

  • The account must be opened in the name of “American Youth Soccer Organization “ using the AYSO Federal Tax ID and legal address:
    19700 S. Vermont Ave., Suite 103
    Torrance, CA  90502
  • If permitted by the bank, also include "AYSO" as a DBA
  • The mailing address for the account (as opposed to the legal address) can be the Region's local address. Electronic statements are preferred.
  • Two signatures are preferred but not required on all checks. Some financial institutions refuse to include a “Two Signatures Required” imprint or to print two signature lines on the checks.
  • Each account should have at least three, preferably four, authorized signatures – the RC, the Regional Treasurer, and whenever practical, the Area Director and one other Regional Board member – should be on file with the banking institution and the AYSO Finance Department for all checking, savings, CD’s, Money Market and Investment accounts. The authorized signers CANNOT BE members of the same family or the same household.
  • Use of Bill Pay through online banking is recommended. Ensure all signers have online banking access as well as QuickBooks Online (QBO) access for regular transaction review. A recommended best practice is to notify other bank signers of payments being processed electronically so there is a "paper trail."

If a specific financial institution will not comply with the requirements listed above, another banking institution should be utilized.

Sample images of checks
Sample Check

Region checks

Although the account must be maintained in the name of “American Youth Soccer Organization“ and using the address of the AYSO Office, the checks may use the Region number and local address.

  • Include "AYSO" before the Region number (i.e. "AYSO Region ####").
  • A Region telephone number may be listed.
  • Communities represented by the Region (i.e. Torrance AYSO) may be printed in addition to "AYSO Region ####."

Account signatories

The Standard Regional Policies and Protocols, Article Eight identifies the following requirements for Account Signatories:

All checks drawn on any bank account maintained by the Region are recommended to bear two signatures, one of which should either be the Regional Treasurer’s or the Regional Commissioner’s.

  • Additional signatories must be authorized by Regional Board action.  A form for documenting the Regional Board action can be found here.
  • Two signatories from the same household are not allowed.
  • There must be at least three signatories on all Regional bank accounts. The Area Director should be a signer, when reasonable.
  • No one shall sign a check made out to themselves.

When a change is made to the authorized signers on the Region’s checking and savings accounts, the Region must have all the new people sign a new signature card with the bank.

Regional investments

Any Regional investment, other than savings accounts, treasury bills or certificates of deposit, requires the approval of the Finance Department.

When a certificate of deposit is opened, a copy of the terms of the account must be sent to the AYSO Finance Department.

AYSO Treasurer guidelines

Without approval from the AYSO Finance Department, Regions are allowed only one local checking account and a maximum of two savings accounts. (See Tournament and Cultural Exchange for exceptions.)

All financial transactions must be handled through the Region’s checking account except as expressly authorized below:

  • All cash receipts should be deposited into the Region’s checking account the day of receipt or the next banking day.
  • All checks received should be endorsed upon receipt. Ideally, a Deposit/Endorsement stamp should be used. However, handwritten endorsements including “For deposit only” on the first line, followed by a second line with “AYSO Region####” and including the account number are acceptable.
  • All disbursements must be made by check written against the Region’s checking account, DIVVY card, or other payment method specifically authorized by the AYSO Financial Policy.
  • No petty cash accounts are permitted.
  • Checks should not be written by a signer to themselves.
  • Regions may not have their own credit card or debit card accounts (other than AYSO authorized DIVVY cards), or ATM card (other than “Deposit Only” cards, if available).
  • Online account management (view account balances, cleared checks, deposits, etc.) and online banking is permitted. Please be aware that some banks might permit viewing of all AYSO accounts at that bank, regardless of the Region to which they belong. If that’s the case at your bank, please contact them and request that they limit your viewing to only your Region’s accounts.
  • Accepting or making payments through PayPal, Venmo, or similar online services is not permitted.  Payments may be made or accepted through Zelle so long as the Region’s checking account is the originator or recipient of the transaction.
  • Deposits to savings accounts must be made by writing a check from the Regional checking account or by electronic transfer between accounts. A transfer should be coded to 5701.
  • Withdrawals from a savings account should be authorized by two signatures whenever possible unless the bank is unable to allow for multiple signatures, and the funds withdrawn must be deposited immediately into the Region’s checking account. The savings account(s) should be used for reserved funds and may not be used for day-to-day deposits/payments/withdrawals.

Further information on opening an account including bank considerations, needed documents, and recommended banks can be found at Banking.

Checks must be made out to American Youth Soccer Organization

Due to banking regulations, all checks received by a Section, Area, or Region must be made payable to "American Youth Soccer Organization" or, if your account has "AYSO" as a DBA, the checks can be made payable to "AYSO." Checks made out to a specific Section, Area, or Region will most likely not be accepted by the bank.

BILL Spend & Expense Credit Cards

AYSO has teamed up with BILL Spend & Expense (DIVVY), to provide Regions (excluding affiliates) with a credit card. Each Region is assigned a spending limit based on player count. The credit line belongs to AYSO and is not linked to anyone’s personal credit line.

The DIVVY Card can be used to pay for various expenses including but not limited to:

  • AYSO fees in the RMS.
  • Volunteer Membership Program ($25) if the Region decides to pay for the volunteers.
  • Player uniforms.
  • EXPO and NAGM registrations.
  • Travel expenses incurred in connected with AYSO meetings and events.

Regions are not allowed to apply for or use any other credit card.

The benefits of the DIVVY Card include:

  • A personal credit check is NOT required.
  • Make purchases anywhere Mastercard is accepted.
  • Process reimbursements to volunteers and outside vendors with electronic bank transfers (ACH).
  • Customize auto pay and other payment settings.
  • Immediate visibility of transactions online (web browser) or in the app (phone)
  • Physical cards and Virtual Cards available
  • Reduce fraud, pay vendors with a credit card instead of sending a check in the mail.
  • Easy to cancel cards and deactivate users by a click of a button, typically no phone call is necessary.
  • Categorize transactions with AYSO chart of accounts (formerly known as NAP codes) online or in the app.
  • Categorize transactions and manage receipts through DIVVY (Web browser and or Mobile App)
  • Receipts are saved in DIVVY for 7 years
  • Multi Factor Authentication for added security
  • Reduce the need for reimbursement checks by utilizing DIVVY Reimbursements
  • Create spending limits (called budgets in DIVVY). Many options available.
  • Budgets are a way to monitor and assign spending limits, and do not need to be linked to the actual regional budget
AYSO is always here to help with your region's finances. Email us at See the Support page for other ways of getting help. Can't find a topic? Send us your needs or suggestions at
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