Volunteer Membership Fee

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Volunteers are registered members of the organization for the Membership Year in which they are accepted to volunteer. Similar to players, volunteers are required to pay an Annual Volunteer Membership Fee to help cover costs, some associated with legislative requirements for organizations working with children, including background checks, insurance, and training.

Regions may reimburse volunteers for the Volunteer Membership Fee but should ensure the reimbursement policy and procedures are non-discriminatory, documented, and published. The Account Code for checks made for these reimbursements is 5706.

Alternatively, many Regions use their Region Divvy Card to pay the fee for the volunteer. The Divvy Card is charged each month for each volunteer from their Region who submits a background check request during  the month. Volunteers are required to submit a background check the first time they apply to volunteer, as well as when their background check expires.

For Membership Year 2023-2024 the Volunteer Membership Fee is $25.00.

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