National Player Fee (AYSO Membership Fee)

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To pay for the cost of running the nationwide program including insurance, development, and delivery of training programs and membership in the United States Soccer Federation, each player is required to pay the non-refundable AYSO National Annual Player Membership Fee. The amount of this National Annual Player Membership fee is determined by a vote of the executive membership at the National Annual General Meeting (NAGM).

The National Annual Player Membership Fee is automatically added to the first registration for a Membership Year, in addition to the Region’s program fees for registering to participate. Payment of the National Annual Player Membership Fee entitles the player to a Player ID Card, all member benefits including being able to be place on a team, insurance coverage and the ability to register for any available player program in any AYSO Region, Area or Section for which the player is eligible without having to pay the national fee again in the same Membership Year.

All players must be registered prior to the Region’s first scheduled practice day and/or the player’s first participation in an AYSO activity.

NOTE: A Region must not allow non-registered players to participate in the program since they are not covered by the Soccer Accident Insurance (SAI), creating an unacceptable exposure to liability lawsuits.

Regions not using the system of record, must provide the Finance Department with player registration records and payment of the Annual National Player Membership Fees by the start of the playing season in order to ensure insurance coverage.

For Membership Year 2023-2024 the National Player Fee is $20.00.

For Membership Year 2024-2025 the National Player Fee is $25.00.

Credit for Dropped Players

Registered players, who decide not to continue their participation in AYSO, may be entitled to a refund of all or part of their registration fees. As a general rule, the Annual National Player Membership Fee is non-refundable except when a player is unable to continue due to extenuating circumstances or when a promoted AYSO program cannot be provided to the player. This is due in part, because of the necessary insurance coverage that must be afforded the player. Please contact the Finance Department for clarification and procedures for refunds of the National Annual Player Membership Fee.

On the other hand, best practices have often suggested that Regions refund Region Registration fees in an effort to promote customer service and the Region’s profile in the community. Full refunds also help to avoid bad publicity as well as the emotional toll it can take to enforce a partial refund policy.

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