Update/Change Payment Setup in Sports Connect

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Log in to Sports Connect.

In the blue toolbar, click on Registration, then click on Settings.


Click on Payment Settings, then Payment Setup.


Payment Type

Check the Check (to be mailed in) box if you region would like to accept checks.

Payment types.png

Service Fee

Choose if the region or customer is going to pay the $2.75 service fee per transaction.

Service fee.png

Payment Instructions & Payment Address

Enter the Payment Address and any applicable payment instructions for your users who choose to pay by check. These instructions are visible during checkout and on order confirmation.

Receive Payments Message

These notes will be in addition to our default text and will be sent to the user when a payment has been received for their order.

Message Upon Checkout

These notes will be shown in addition to our checkout help text and visible to the user while on the checkout page. (Enter up to 500 characters)

Don't forget to click the Save button!

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