Refund Policy

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It is inevitable that some players will drop out, sometimes even before teams are formed or play begins. One of the biggest areas of complaint is the question of refunds to participants who drop out of the program for good, bad or indifferent reasons. The range of Regional policies on this subject varies from a full refund to a partial refund to no refund, sometimes depending on the timing of the request.

Work with your Regional board to discussed and define the Region’s refund policy. Ensure the policy is well-publicized at all registration events and most importantly, in the Region’s online registration messaging before payments are made. Include it in any advanced registration notices. Display it prominently on the Region’s Web site and at any Registration Day(s). It is difficult to uphold a policy no one knows about.

Note: The Refund Policy should be amended to the Region’s Standard Regional Policies and Protocols.

National Annual Player Membership Fee Refund Policy

Consistent with other youth sports organizations, the AYSO National Annual Player Membership Fee is not refundable in part because of the insurance coverage that is secured and other sunken costs. It is valid for an entire year and entitles a player to sign up for any other player program or camp without incurring the national fee and to receive other member benefits such as publications and notices about upcoming events and discounts.

This refund policy applies only to the National Annual Player Membership

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