QuickBooks Access

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QuickBooks Online Simple Start offers access to a single User and an unlimited number of Accountants. Generally each instance of QuickBooks is set up as follows (Region example):

  • User - Regional Commission or Treasurer
  • Accountants - Regional Commissioner or Treasurer and Auditors

Note: Area and Section staff will have view rights through Qvinci.

Access Eligibility

In order to be approved for QuickBooks access, the volunteer must be on the Board in the Association Platform (see Creating Your AYSO Board), with the appropriate Role, and a current Background Check. Once your Board is up to date, notify the Office at Finance@ayso.org. The Office will update Qvinci (QuickBooks support partner) of the changes so they can issue credentials or support a change over.

Getting My Credentials

To receive your login credentials to QuickBooks, make an appointment with Qvinci at https://qvincisupport.as.me/data-migration. Once the onboarding (new QuickBooks accounts) or update meeting has completed, you will receive an email from do-not-reply@intuit.com. Accept the invitation and set your password. You are ready to get started. We suggest you add this email address do-not-reply@intuit.com to your approved contact list in your email client to prevent it from going to your Spam or Junk folder.


Can't Login to QuickBooks

If you have accepted the invitation, you may need to reset your password. If you never received an invitation, check the following:

  • Your invitation may be in your Spam or Junk folder
  • The email in your AYSO profile may not be your current email address. Email addresses can be updated in your Association Platform and/or Sports Connect. Read Updating Your Email Address before changing, there are implications with Single-Sign-On (SSO).
  • You are not listed as the Regional Commissioner or Treasurer in the Association Platform. Please have your Area or Section Director add you (then check your email address).

I Don't See My Areas/Regions

Visibility of Region or Area QuickBooks Accounts will be through Qvinci's consolidation platform. Access Qvinci here: https://qvinci.com/. Your username will be the email on file in the Association Platform. Try the Forgot Password link to reset your access or send an email to Support@qvinci.com if:

  • I am a Section Administrator/Auditor and don't see my Areas or Regions.
  • I am an Area Administrator/Auditor and don't see my Regions.

If you are a treasurer for more than one entity, you should have the option to toggle between entities (Section/Area/Region) with QuickBooks. If you are missing QuickBooks access, send an email to Intuit-Support@qvinci.com for help with:

  • I am Treasurer for more than one Region and I am not seeing them all
  • I am Treasurer for my Region and my Area, and I am not seeing them all

Chart of Account Changes

A few accounts have been retired since the adoption of Quickbooks.

Please see Chart of Accounts to download the chart of accounts and review retired accounts.