Sports Connect Bank Deposit Reconciliation

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How to record your weekly Blue Sombrero deposit:

Log into Sports Connect

Click on Reports on the top right menu bar (refer to below screen shot, circled in yellow)

>Standard Reports (on left)

>Billing Reports

>Account Summary

  • Under Settings select the time frame the deposit it for (Deposits are received normally every Wednesday for the week prior (Saturday to Friday)
  • Click Update

The Account Summary Report will load. Refer to below screen shot for assistance with breaking down the bank deposit to what should be recorded in the financials.

When recording in QuickBooks -> Click on the line item, select Edit

Deposit $2,807.96 (should be automatically coded by QuickBooks to Cash)

4005 Registration Revenue $2,890.00

8305 Bank & Credit Card Fees -$82.04

Note: Please no longer record the National Player Fee in the region financials (GL Account 5703 is no longer a valid account number). The NPF is only recorded by the AYSO office in their financials.

Deposit recon.png

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