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It is mandatory that the Tournament Treasurer prepare a written budget. The budget must be submitted with the tournament authorization packet on the Tournament Income and Expense Form. The written budget should identify the following:

  • Income
    • Team registration fees
    • Referee commitment fees
    • Concessions and vendor sales projections
    • Sponsors/contributions
    • Seed money from prior tournament(s)
    • Other income (provide details
  • Expenses
    • Team registration and referee commitment refunds
    • Field supplies and expenses
    • Tournament giveaways – players, coaches, referees
    • Program
    • Awards – trophies, medals
    • Referee and staff refreshments
    • Phone, Web site, postage, office supplies, etc.
    • Other

The tournament authorization packet requires that the Region clearly state if the tournament is being held to make a profit, and if so, indicate the amount of profit expected and what the disposition of these funds will be. Copies of the budget must be submitted with the tournament authorization packet and rules regarding team registration fees, referee deposits, sponsor checks, and refunds must be implemented according the AYSO Tournament Handbook and authorization packet.

Important note: Regional Operating funds may not be used to support a tournament and only AYSO chart of accounts (formerly NAP codes) may be used to manage tournament funds.

Tournament revenues and expenses must be tracked separately from regular Regional operations using appropriate AYSO chart of accounts codes. If absolutely necessary, an additional checking account may be opened with the approval of the Regional Commissioner and the AYSO Finance Department. For details on opening account, see Opening an Account. The Tournament Treasurer becomes a required signatory on the additional account.

The Tournament Treasurer is responsible for completing the financial accounting of the tournament and assisting the Regional Treasurer with submitting the Tournament Income and Expense Statement on all AYSO Open, Open Invitational and International tournaments to the appropriate Section Tournament Administrator within 90 days after the event. This form must be submitted with sign-off approvals by the Regional Commissioner, Area Director and Section Director and shall be made immediately available to anyone requesting it.

In the case of a tournament team, any funds left over will remain with the Region under the responsibility of the Region. A refund to player’s parents for their participation in the funding of the tournament team is at the discretion of the Regional Commissioner and the Regional Board. Checks should be written to individual parent rather than to a coach to disperse.

Tournament proceeds may only be used for approved AYSO-related purposes which are consistent with AYSO’s non-profit, IRS Code 501(c)(3) status. This includes program operation and/or enhancement such as: registration scholarships, VIP programs, equipment purchases, field development, acquisition and maintenance, etc. Tournament proceeds may also be allocated to a Region’s secondary season teams for uses including, but not limited to, tournament fees, team parties and player and/or coach mementos, as long as such items are approved AYSO-related expenditures.

All tournament sponsorship letters and solicitations, as well as all businesses being contacted, must first be approved by the Regional Commissioner. The intended use of tournament proceeds must be indicated on all advertising and sponsorship solicitations, and proceeds must be used as stated.

If you have any tournament related questions that are not addressed in this section, please e-mail and download the AYSO Tournament Handbook from

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