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Registration events can be very busy and hectic with several hundred families or more signing their children up to play. The Registrar and the Treasurer, or their representatives, must employ a process that will reconcile the number of registrations taken in and the amount of monies collected at each registration event. Registration event expenses should not be paid directly from the Registration receipts; they should follow traditional expense reimbursement procedures.

Registration Event Guidelines:

  • Volunteers should be given a list of registration fees including discounts (multiplayer or early registration).
  • Volunteers should be instructed to record the amount and payment method on each player form if payment is made in person.
  • A cash receipt book should be used for all payments and each transaction recorded with a receipt.
  • Player name should be recorded on checks received and cash receipts.
  • At least two people should be assigned the task of reconciling the number of registrations taken in and the monies collected. Each person should double check the other’s work.
  • A Registration Reconciliation Form should be used to reconcile registration monies collected. The form can be found on the Web site at:[DK(1]
  • Refund Policies: List the information on the Region website, as a Region defined message for all online registrations and payments, and in a handout during registration.

Registration fee reconciliation must be completed at the end of each event and before leaving the event site. All monies, once recorded and balanced, must be deposited the same day or the very next business day in their entirety.

See Registration Event Suggestions for more information on running a Registration Event.

Registration Payments

AYSO’s Registration System of Record, RMS, includes an authorized credit card processing vendor and payment process. Regions who are not using the system of record, may inquire about credit card processing options by contacting the AYSO Finance Department.

Regions may also accept Cash/Check payments and can process these payments individually using the Region’s DIVVY card or in bulk using the excel template. Details on how to process these payments can be found at Processing Cash/Check Orders in Sports Connect - AYSO Wiki

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