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A registration event should be just that – an event that embodies the fun and enjoyment of the AYSO experience. It should be well- organized and heavily staffed with knowledgeable people who can help answer questions about AYSO and the Region. Work with the Regional Commissioner and Regional Board to establish a timeline for the Region’s activities. Registration days should be scheduled far enough in advance to allow enough time to process registrations, for publicity to spread about registration to those that might be interested in participating and to recruit and collect volunteer applications before teams need to be formed.

Regions should try to keep Registration open as long as possible to allow for as many children to participate as possible. All too often, parents are either too busy or not thinking about registration until they see other children practicing, leaving many disappointed children.

For a Registration Day event, be sure to use a facility that has enough space, utilities and available parking. The following layouts provide suggestions for arranging stations to facilitate the registration process. The simple sequence lists a minimum of three stations. The comprehensive sequence includes several optional stations. Each Region should tailor its layout according to the facility size and its priorities so that a smooth traffic flow is assured.


Bring necessary supplies:

  • Laptops, power cords, hot spots or WIFI internet connections, printers.
  • Pens, information flyers, receipt books, markers, staplers, tape, etc.
  • Bring clips, nametags, plastic file boxes to separate paperwork.
  • Although we don’t recommend allowing any special requests, special circumstances should be marked on the form and initialed by the Regional Commissioner or Registrar only. Consider posting flyers on the tables saying: “Thank you for understanding that we are unable to honor any special requests.”
  • Prominently display the Region’s Refund Policies.
  • Consider providing refreshments. Put out baskets of small energy bars or candy with customized wrappers or stickers that advertise the need for volunteers, provide Region contact information, or that simply promote AYSO.
  • Parents should be encouraged to pay online while registering. However, if checks or cash are accepted:
    • Ensure all checks are made out to AYSO and that receipts are provided. Ask parents to put the first and last name of the child in the memo spot. Many children do not have the same name as their parents.
    • The Treasurer or designee and the Registrar or designee should reconcile the number of forms collected against the money taken in to ensure they balance (Registration Reconciliation Form). Each should check the work of the other and agree on the final determination.
Simple Sequence (3 stations)
  • Station #1 Check-in
  • Station #2 Staging
  • Station #3 Cashier
Comprehensive Sequence (6 stations)
  • Station #1 Check-in
  • Station #2 Staging
  • Station #3 AYSO Information
  • Station #4 Volunteer recruiting
  • Station #5 Fund-raising station
  • Station #6 Cashier/Payments table (located at exit)
(#1) Check-In Station (mandatory)
  • Use two tables if possible – one for new players and another for returning players. This will speed up the process for returning players.
  • Determine what the family needs – online registration help, alternate payment method, volunteer instructions
  • Direct them where to proceed
(#2) Staging Station (mandatory)
  • Bring necessary supplies:
    • Laptop, power cords, hot spots or WIFI internet connections, printers.
(#3) AYSO Information Station

Staffed by board members and includes the following information (can be combined with Staging station in the Simple Sequence)

  • Soccer Accident Insurance (SAI) Information–An SAI brochure should be provided for each family registering players
  • AYSO Videos (Parent, Kids Zone, etc.)
  • AYSO publications- PLAYSOCCER
  • Local vendor information
  • AYSO Region Information
    • Map of Region
    • Field locations
    • Region contact information and next steps (see Whew! Flyer)
    • Regional calendar – clinics, meeting etc.
    • Refund policy
    • Section & Regional guidelines including practice locations, duration and times
    • Sportsmanship guidelines
    • Kids Zone Pledge and Information
(#4) Volunteer Recruiting Station

Staffed by Coach Administrator, Referee Administrator, Division Coordinators and other key volunteers to encourage people to volunteer for AYSO and provide the following information:

  • Inform parents that AYSO is an all-volunteer organization.
  • Recruit coach/referee prospects and provide clinic information.
  • Provide copies of volunteer job descriptions. Volunteer Job descriptions can simplify the process of helping potential volunteers understand the different roles.

Other AYSO Positions a Volunteer can apply for:

  • Team parents
  • Field volunteers
  • Equipment volunteers
  • Photo day volunteers
(#5) Fundraising Station (optional)

Staffed by board members and volunteers for sales of merchandise (purchased/on consignment), soccer balls, shinguards, shoes, etc. and prior year’s unused uniforms. This would also be the place to promote any pre-season camp activity the Region might sponsor (AYSO Soccer Camps, e.g.)

(#6) Cashier Station (mandatory) – for accepting cash or check payments

Staffed by Treasurer and trained volunteer staff to perform the following:

  • Bring up the players’ Account, and complete the payment using Region credit card.
  • Collect payments and issue cash receipts.
  • Maintain a paper “Cash/Check form” for each player.  Form should include a notation as to (a) the amount of the regional fee charged; (b) the method of payment (with check number for checks); and (c) the amount of the payment taken in (partial payments, e.g.).
  • Return to the parent or volunteer their copy of any form.
  • Securely store completed forms out of view of others.
  • Provide security at this station.
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