Volunteer Conflict of Interest

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The AYSO Standard Regional Policies and Protocols also define the following policies regarding volunteer service and conflict of interest:

1.      No Regional Board Member shall receive monetary or other compensation for his/her services to the Region related to their volunteer position. Nothing in this paragraph prohibits any Regional Board or staff member, or Regional participant, from being reimbursed for his or her appropriate out-of-pocket expenses incurred on behalf of the Region and in accordance with the expense reimbursement procedures set out within the Reference Book, Regional Operations, Financial Matters and National Policy Statement 3.1.

2.      Consistent with National Policy Statement 5, no Regional Board Member may use his/her position to benefit him/herself directly or indirectly in any way, such as a supplier of equipment, materials or services to the Region except as permitted by National Policy Statement 2.5 and Article Four, Paragraph J of the Policies & Protocols (Paying Volunteers) and the procedures established within National Policy Statement 5.3 (Conflict of Interest Policy).

3.      The Region may not reduce or eliminate a player fee based upon volunteer work done by a participant’s parents or guardians. Should a Region decide to incur the cost of the volunteers, an exception shall be made to allow a reduction of a player fee associated with the volunteer for an amount not exceeding the cost of volunteer membership. This rule does not impact the Region’s ability to set early registration discounts available to all participants, to create volunteer recognition programs, to provide scholarship programs and provide other programs available in the Region’s program. No fee distinction shall be made based upon parental or player participation in Regional fundraising activities.

4.      The Region may not condition the registration of a player based upon any requirement of volunteer participation by a parent or guardian.

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