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The AYSO volunteer position of Regional Treasurer is intended to keep and safeguard all of the monies of the region and to have in their possession all of the region’s cash investments, contracts, leases and any other valuable documents. The regional treasurer shall deposit all funds and securities in the name and to the credit of the region in an authorized bank or depository.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

The Treasurer is expected to to perform their duties consistent with the directions as detailed in the training, certification, and continuing education provided by AYSO for this position including:

  1. Keep in appropriate books an accurate account of all money received and paid out;
  2. Comply with the National Accounting Program and all procedures specified in the AYSO Treasurer’s Manual;
  3. Attend any and all registration days or assign volunteers who will attend and collect registration fess. Design a procedure for what will be done with the money during and after the registration process. The Treasurer and the Registrar should verify the amount of money that was collected in cash, checks and credit cards and reconcile the total amount against the number of registration made.
  4. Write the appropriate account code on the face of each check;
  5. Give a report of the funds, receipts, and disbursements of the region annually or at such other times as requested by the regional commissioner or by the regional board;
  6. Be responsible for filing the annual budget and other information as may be required or requested from time to time by the AYSO Office or the Area or Section.
  7. Deposit all the funds collected by the Region in the Region’s checking account;
  8. Obtain Regional Commissioner’s or other signatory’s signature (two signatures are required on every check) as required and issue checks to pay for the Region’s expenditures. All checks should be substantiated by a receipt, invoice, or other documentation;
  9. Verify that the Region has adopted written internal control procedures assuring adequate protection of regional assets;
  10. Immediately notify the Area Director, Section Director, and the AYSO Office of any procedural violations or fiscal irregularities;
  11. Assist the person who has been assigned the task of reviewing the Region’s books and records including the Area Director, Section Director or the Regional auditor (if any);
  12. Reconcile the checking and savings accounts each month and have a report for monthly regional board meetings;
  13. File all receipts, invoices, or other documentation in alphabetical order, by payee, and save them for at least FIVE years. They are subject to audit by government regulatory agencies and the AYSO National Treasurer;
  14. Turn over all the AYSO checkbooks, documentation, receipts, invoices, etc. to the Regional Commissioner when leaving the job;
  15. On or before June 1 each year, assist the Regional Commissioner in the preparation of the annual budget
  16. Review the Region’s monthly financial statement. Ensure the accuracy of the Region’s financial statement.
  17. Publish the Region’s financial report to the regional membership before the Region’s last scheduled game of the season (through a newsletter, bulletin board, etc.);
  18. Attend all board meetings, registration days, and coordinators’ meetings; and
  19. Develop investment and spending strategies to assist in long-term financial stability and value.

Qualifications and Desired Skills

To be considered for the position of Treasurer, the applicant must:

  1. Annually submit an AYSO Volunteer Application form;
  2. Pass the AYSO screening and background check;
  3. Have skills in finance and accounting;
  4. Be honest;
  5. Be detail oriented.

Supervision Protocols

While performing as the Treasurer, the volunteer is:

  1. Subject to the bylaws, rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and guidelines of AYSO;
  2. Under the overall authority of and directly supervised by the regional commissioner,
  3. To maintain the recommended adult to child supervision ratio of 1: 8 or less; that is one adult for every eight or fewer children and two adults (one of whom may be the coach and one of whom should be of the same gender as the group) present at all times. For the protection of both the children and the volunteer, no volunteer should permit himself or herself to be alone with any child or group of children (except his or her own) during AYSO-sponsored activities.

Time Commitment

Time commitment will vary depending on Region size and length of playing season(s). For the typical AYSO Region, the Treasurer will devote about 8 hours per week per playing season.

Orientation, Certification, Training, and Continued Education Provided

To prepare a volunteer for the position of Treasurer, AYSO will offer the following educational opportunities that the Treasurer is expect to take advantage of and participate in, as appropriate:

  1. Orientation by the Regional Commissioner - 1 hour;
  2. AYSO"s Safe Haven Certification - 30 minutes;
  3. Safe Sport Certification - 2 hours;
  4. Treasurer Training - 1 ¼ hours;
  5. Dispute Resolution Training - 1 ¼ hours;
  6. Due Process Training 1 ¼ hours;
  7. Various workshops at the annual EXPO

Activity Locations

While performing the duties of Treasurer, the volunteer is limited to the following locations, unless expressly authorized in writing by the Regional Commissioner to hold activities in another location.

  1. Regional board meetings;
  2. Area meetings;
  3. The annual EXPO
  4. Assigned field locations;
  5. Assigned classroom locations; and
  6. Independent work at home alone, in committees of adults, or in a properly supervised situation with children.