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The AYSO volunteer position of Area/Section Auditor is intended to assist the Regional Commissioner/Area Director in his/her fiduciary responsibilities to protect the organization’s assets by monitoring, reviewing and reporting on Regional/Area financial controls and records.

See Auditor Job Description for more details.

Auditor Tasks

  • Request access to the Area/Section Qvinci Account. Email to request this access as the Area/Section Auditor. Auditors should be looking at the financial information of all regions in your area or areas in your section at least once a quarter through Qvinci.
  • Request access to a Region/Area's Bill/Divvy account when you have been requested to complete an audit. Request this access from the Area /Section Director
  • Request access to a Region/Area's QuickBooks account when notified of an impending audit. Request this access by emailing with the Region/Area's number.
  • Request access to the Association Platform as the Assistant Area/Assistant Section Director. Request this access from the Area/Section Director.
  • Use the Audit Checklist-step by step instructions for detailed instructions on completing the Audit Checklist. These documents are in the Auditor's Clipboard.

Education Pathway

To prepare a volunteer for the position of area auditor, AYSO will offer the following educational opportunities which the volunteer is expected to take advantage of and participate in, as appropriate. Courses can be found in AYSOU.

  • Orientation by the area director/section director;
  • Board and Staff Introductory Certification (BASIC) or AYSO Regional Board Member Training;
  • AYSO Safe Haven Program
  • Safe Sport
  • CDC Concussion Training
  • Treasurer or Treasurer Tier I and Tier II workshops;
  • Auditor workshop
  • Any Auditor Update workshops as may be developed and presented from time to time


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