Divvy Pay a Section Area or Region

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Want to pay another Section, Area or Region through Divvy?

Use the Reimbursement feature in Divvy

Example: Area Fees

To be completed by the Region that needs to send funds to another SAR:

  1. Add a person (example: The Area Treasurer) in your Region's Divvy account.
    • This person is a virtual user and does not need to be issued a physical card
    • Highly Recommended - Consider including a nick name in Divvy
      • Example:
      • First Name: Area 2F Treasurer
      • Last Name: The full name of the Area Treasurer
    • Use the treasurer's email address - could also be the area director or another responsible party that is a signer on the area's bank account
      • If you decide to use the area director, and the area director is already a person in your Region's Divvy portal you may decide to update the naming convention as per above (to add a nick name), if desired to keep things organized and easily understood by incoming board members in the future.
    • See Divvy Add and Remove Users for more details.
  2. Add this new user to a budget and assign a budget amount. The user will not be able to request payment beyond the budget amount.
  3. The new user (Area Treasurer) will use Divvy Reimbursements to request payment.
    1. Be sure to connect the Area bank account during this process - not your personal bank account!

Approving Payment

Once the Area requests payment through reimbursement, the Region admin logs into Divvy and approves the reimbursement.

Payment is processed and typically takes 5-10 business days for the funds to be deposited into the receivers bank account.

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