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Credit Line Increase

Credit line increases must be made through your section director, however, long term credit line increases may not be necessary if changing your Payment Frequency or making a one-time prepayment may cover a one time expense, or a particularly transaction heavy month.

Note: the 'Request Credit Increase' on the Company page in your account will NOT increase your credit limit. You will be denied. To increase your credit limit, send a copy of your current bank statement to your Section Director along with your desired credit limit. Note approvals of credit limit increases by underwriting can take up to 15 business days.

Other ways to increase your credit line is to customize the payment frequency or make a pre-payment. See below.

Payment Frequency Options

Weekly - Pay weekly in order to reset the credit line weekly, instead of monthly

Monthly - Customize the day of the month that payments will automatically be made

Customize Payment Frequency

To change the payment frequency do the following:

  • Log in
  • Click on Settings on the bottom left
  • Click on Payments
  • Click on the Edit link next to Billing Cycle
  • If a balance exists on the account, the account must be paid in full in order to change the payment frequency
  • Payment frequency can only be changed twice per year
Payment Settings.png

Make A Pre-Payment

Using the Payment Interface

One way to temporarily increase your Credit Limit on your Divvy card is to make an off-cycle payment. You may pre-pay your Divvy card up to 2 times your credit limit once per billing cycle. Note, they do not issue refunds, but if you over paid, your charges will consume the remaining credit balance.

To make a prepayment, from your Company (landing) page, click MAKE A PAYMENT

Enter the payment amount and submit. Please allow 4 business days for the payment to clear before attempting to make that one time purchase (probably uniforms). Don't forget, you will also need to increase the budget of the card you are planning to use to match the temporary credit limit or at least the purchase amount.

Using ACH/Wire

For even greater flexibility, you can ACH or Wire an UNLIMITED amount for purchases. Instructions on how to use this feature in Divvy are available as:

For additional assistance:

  • E-mail: help@getdivvy.com 
  • Call: 385-352-0374
  • Chat: Chat into support via their Divvy accounts

Updating Your Bank In Divvy

To update the Bank Account used to pay your Divvy card, go to Settings>Bank Accounts>Link A Bank. You must add the new Bank before you can set it as primary and remove the previous Bank Account.

Divvy bank change.png

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