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All transactions should be categorized in Divvy through the web browser or through the mobile app. Each transaction should also have a receipt/invoice saved to the transactions along with a business purpose in the notes.

Categorize Transactions (Web browser)

  • Login to Divvy.
  • Click on Transactions:
  • Complete - The transaction is coded, and the receipts or invoices have been uploaded.  
  • Incomplete - The transaction is missing NAP code(s) and must uploaded receipts or invoices
    • Incomplete transactions appear highlighted in yellow
Categorize Transactions 1.png

Select an incomplete transaction to get started


Click on the + Plus sign, add receipts/invoices/reimbursement documents or drag files to this section for uploading.


Click on the drop down arrow, select budget.

NAP Codes (Account Categories):

Click on the drop down arrow, select your NAP Code(s)


Enter description, notes, memo related to the transaction.  

Categorize Transactions 2.png

Once all fields are completed click on Complete.

Categorize Transactions 3.png


Categorize Transactions (Mobile App)

  • Download the mobile app in the App Store on your phone/tablet.
  • Log in with the same user name and password as the web browser (may require multi-factor authentication)
  • On Transactions page, select transaction to add receipt.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Add Receipt.
Categorize transactions 4.png
  • Select file:
  • Take Photo
  • Choose from photo Library
  • Choose from files
    • Enter a Description to complete the transaction.
Categorize Transaction 5.png

To Delete file:

  • Select image.
  • Click on three dots and select Delete file.
Categorize transaction 6.png

For assistance: E-mail: help@getdivvy.com  Call: 385-352-0374

Chat: Chat into support via their Divvy accounts

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