Divvy Add and Remove Users

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Add a User

Login to Divvy.

In left menu, click on PEOPLE.

Add users 1.png

Click on ADD PERSON.

Add user 2.png

Complete the fields

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  •  Email address

It is only required to complete the sections with the *.

Add a user5.png

Select a Role: Auditor, Administrator, Bookkeeper, or Member.

Regional Commissioners and Treasurers should be Administrators.  

If you are ordering a physical card, be sure to change the address from 19700 S. Vermont Ave Suite 103 to the address where you would like the card to be sent. Cards mistakenly sent to the AYSO office will be shredded.

Once you have filled in all the required information click on ADD PERSON.  

Add user 5.png

Remove a User

On your left-hand side click on PEOPLE.

Click on the members name you which to remove.  

Remove user 1.png

Click on the drop-down arrow.

Click on Delete Person.

Remove user 2.png

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