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Sports Connect has some options that can be set in the Region Portal by an RC, but some must be set by calling or submitting a ticket with Sports Connect.

Settings that can only be changed by contacting Sports Connect

  • Default Admin User
    • This user will receive all automated system emails; registrations, volunteer signups, payment updates, etc.
    • There can only be one Default Admin User.
    • Consider setting up an account just for this that is not an account used to register players/volunteers.
  • Background Check Payments
    • Does the region want to offer to pay for background checks?
    • Contact Sports Connect to verify the setting of this option. The region may offer to pay for the background checks.
    • Wiki: Activate Region Payments to Sterling
    • Fill out and submit Sterling Volunteers Auto Pay Form.
    • Call Sterling Volunteers to confirm payment information.
  • Sports Connect SecureFee™ Plus
    • Registration insurance, an optional service for select programs that registrants can opt into at check-out to protect their registration fees against certain events that cause them to miss the season.


Call: 866-672-1067

Settings that can be changed by a user with the correct role

  • Registration Settings
    • Login & Account Creation
      • Notes can be shown to users during this process
    • Primary Account Holders
      • Questions asked to a user when setting up a new account.
    • Program & Division Selection
      • These notes appear onscreen when account holders are selecting which program and division to register their participants in.
    • Discounts & Fees
      • When enabled these will be available during program setup.
    • Coupons
      • A code will not discount the National Player Fee or the Sports Connect service fee.
    • Donations
      • Donations appear during checkout for users.
Settings 01.png

Visit Registration, then Settings.

Settings 02.png

Each section does have good notes and descriptions for what you are changing.

Settings 03.png

Each text box does allow some basic formatting, including the ability to add links.

Settings 04.png

Not all questions are required by AYSO. You may make some questions optional, or delete them if you choose.

Settings 05.png

You can add questions to some settings.

Settings 07.png

Note: The Player Information section is NOT where you want to add registration or other program related questions. For example, player experience or uniforms, or anything you want to ask each time a player registers. This section is for questions when a player is created on an account for the first time.

Settings 08.png

Check the Enable box for any discounts/fees that you want to be able to use during program setup. If they are not enabled here you won't be able to use them when you create a program/season.

You may also set site wide Family Discounts or Family Max Payment that will apply to all programs, including future programs. There is also the option to add these discounts for each program individually.

Settings 09.png

Any Custom Discounts & Fees added here will apply to all programs.

Settings 10.png

You can create coupon codes to be used during checkout. Each coupon can only be used once per account, and only one coupon can be used per order. You cannot use a coupon to discount the National Player Fee or the Sports Connect transaction fee.

To add a coupon, click the Add Coupon Discount button.

Settings 11.png

Fill out the coupon information. You must have an expiration date. If you leave the Number of Uses blank the coupon code can be used an unlimited number of times before it expires. The Coupon Code will be auto generated. Don't forget to click the save icon.

Settings 12.png

Here you see the coupon and the code that was generated. You may send that code to someone to be used during checkout.

Settings 13.png

You can set donation amounts that will be shown to users during checkout.

Other Settings

Payment Setup

Merchant Account Information

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