Divvy/Load Receipts to Transactions

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  1. Login to Divvy.
  2. Click on Transactions:
    1. Complete - The transaction is coded, and the receipts or invoices have been uploaded.
    2. Incomplete -  The transaction is missing NAP code(s) and must uploaded receipts or invoices
  3. Select an incomplete transaction to start

Divvy-load-receipts-to-transactions-1.png Divvy-load-receipts-to-transactions-2.png


  • Click on the + Plus sign, add receipts/invoices/reimbursement documents or drag files to this section for uploading.


  • Click on the dropdown arrow, select budget.

NAP Codes:

  • Click on the dropdown arrow, select your NAP Code(s)


  • Enter description, notes, memo related to the transaction.  


If all fields are completed click on Complete.