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If you are in California, as you register as a new volunteers, be sure to get fingerprinted.

AYSO Live Scan Network

Volunteers can go to one of the affiliates using the registration link – the volunteer will pay for the fingerprinting. Volunteers can register here:

Hosted Live Events

The Region/Area/Section can host a live event.  A credit card will need to be on file for the event and will be charged on the Monday following for all fingerprints processed.  Reporting will be provided for shared events so the host can collect from participating Regions/Areas. 

Emilio Avalos, 800-207-5314,

Prepaid Vouchers

The Region can purchase pre-paid vouchers for the Volunteers to use when registering using the link above so the Region can pay for the fingerprinting.  To purchase pre-paid codes, contact:

Zach Rutledge, 844-200-9012,

Non-Network Providers

In the event that none of the above options is feasible for the volunteer, other agencies providing Live Scan can be used. To request Live Scan so that AYSO will have access to the volunteer's results, complete this form

Download-icon-green.svg   Download Request for Livescan Application Form

The ORI required on Live Scan forms for AYSO is AA498.

The Mail Code required is 05335.

A billing code is not required.

The agency authorized to receive criminal record information is CAYOAMERICAN YTH SOCCER.

The agency's address is 17900 S Vermont Ave, Torrance, CA, 90502.


If you use a non-network provider, AYSO will not be notified that you have completed the Live Scan process and your results will not be updated in the Association Platform to share with the registration platforms. In order for your completion status to appear in the database, please follow the instructions at Missing Live Scan Certification.

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