Upload a certification to Association Platform

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Upload a Certification to Admin Account in the Association Platform (E4)

1.      Log into the Association Platform (E4) by going to Sports Connect (affinitysoccer.com) and signing in.

2.      From there, find the admin account under the Players/Admin tab

E4 Screen.png

3.      Under your name is your Certificate Expiration and History.

View cert.png

4.      Click the box of the certification you want to upload

Choose File.png

5.      Choose the appropriate file, crop it if needed, and click “Upload Image” to upload

Upload Image e4.png

6.      Then select update at the bottom of the page

7.      Then click Save to verify.

If you have any issues, don't hesitate to contact Sports Connect support at [[1]] or by phone at 866-672-1067.