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How to print player medical release forms in the AYSO Association Platform.

This is how a board member can print player medical release forms. This method will sort the forms by team. The forms themselves do not have a player's team listed on them. You can print all form from the whole region at once, however they will be sorted alphabetically and will have to be sorted by team by hand.

A team DOES NOT need to be activated to print medical release forms.

From the Association Platform Dashboard find the team you want to print the forms for.

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Print Medical Relase Forms 01.png

One option is to click the View All Teams link under Team Counts. You can also use the Team Lookup dropdown at the top of the dashboard.

Print Medical Forms 02.png

Use the filter and search options to list the teams you are looking for. Click the Team ID/Name of the team you want to print the forms for.

Print Medical Form 03.png

Scroll past the player roster list. Click the Player Application Forms button. A pdf will be generated in a new window.

Print Medical Forms.png

A new window/tab will open when the pdf is generated. Depending on your computer/browser setup you may be prompted to name and save the pdf. By default the pdf will be named receipt.pdf, some browsers/computer may save it automatically.

It is suggested to save the pdf and name it with the teams name. This way you can print more copies without having to go to the Association Platform again.

Print Medical Forms 07.png

The pdf will have one page per player for that team.

Moving to the next team

Print Medical Form 08.png

On a teams page you can click the Next Team link to move to the next team and print their medical release forms.

Printing All Medical Release Forms at once

This will print all forms for all players.

Print Medical Forms 09.png

From the dashboard click View All Players.

Print Medical Forms 10.png

Confirm that the Player Lookup filters are set correctly for the players that you want to print forms for.

Print Medical Forms 11.png

If you changed any of the filters you must click the search button, even if the search box is blank.

Print medical forms 12.png

In the Report: dropdown select Application forms (PDF), then click the printer icon.

A new window/tab will open. Depending on the number of players you are trying to print forms for, this can take some time. Be patient. This will generate a pdf for all of the players that were on your lookup list.

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