Fiduciary Responsibilities

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The following responsibilities for, or oversight of, financial operations which includes budgeting, receivables, payables, assets, and representation for the Region.

  • AYSO Financial Policy
  • Create an annual budget to support the Region's program(s) and submitted to their Area Director.
  • Internal Control Procedures: How to handle cash and checks, regional disbursements and reimbursements, warning signs and regional audits. The RC approves all operating and capital expenses.
  • Review vendor statements and open payables with the Regional Treasurer monthly or as the payment terms necessitate.
  • Review to be paid and cleared vendor disbursements to ensure payment amounts match the vendor's invoice.
  • New RCs should work with the previous RC to obtain all regional records, digital and physical assets and arrange with the AD for a regional audit of the accounts. Regional assets include, but not limited to uniforms, equipment, awards, computers and other electronics, social media accounts along with access credentials, regional records and any other physical or digital property belonging to AYSO.
  • As the Regional Commission you represent your Region in all aspects within your community and AYSO. For potential legal liabilities you will be directed by the AYSO National Office/Legal Commission. You can download the latest version here:
  • When the RC term in ending the following is the process to hold an election for nominations.
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