Deactivating Teams

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Please follow these steps to deactivate a team:

  1. Go to the 'Teams' tab, then click 'Team Lookup'.
Go to team lookup.png

You can also click on 'View All Teams' off your region's dashboard.

Click on View All Teams.png

2. Use the 'Team Lookup' filter search to find the team(s) you want to deactivate. Please note that by default, all of your teams will be listed.

Filter search.png

3. Click the Team ID/Name for the team you are looking to deactivate. You will be taken to the team's detail page.

Click on the team name.png

4. On the 'Teams' page, under the 'Team Roster' tab, click on 'Deactivate Team' under the roster.

Click on deactivate team.png

5. Finally, you will be taken to the Activation page, if you want to activate the team again.

Back to Activate.png

If you are looking to activate a team, please click here.

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