Waitlist Management

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Video regarding Waitlist Management: https://youtu.be/aISobfM0zn8

  • Once one player is registered on the waitlist for a division, all other registrants after will go to the waitlist regardless of the max number of participants set.
  • No fees will be collected while joining the waitlist.
  • To join a waitlist a player must complete the zero-dollar checkout process.
  • Players that are in the shopping cart are NOT on the waitlist.
  • Topics on this page:
    • How to turn on the waitlist
    • How to view players on the waitlist
    • How to activate a player from the waitlist
    • Sample of Email Sent to Player
    • Player Must Pay and Complete their Registration
    • How to Remove a Player from the Waitlist
    • How to Prevent a Player from 'Jumping the waitlist line'
    • Unique Edge Case with Transferring Players

How to turn on the waitlist

In every division of a program you can turn on or off the waitlist function. You can set these up during your program setup, or here we'll set them up after the program as already been setup.

Waitlist 01.png

Go to Registration, then Registration Forms

Waitlist 02.png

Click the edit icon (pencil) and click Division Settings

Waitlist 03.png

Click the Advanced button next to the division you want to change the waitlist for

Waitlist 04.png

Verify the max number of players that you want to be able to register without being on the waitlist

Waitlist 05.png

Scroll down and you'll see the option to enable the waitlist. Add information to your Waitlist Policy. This can be seen during registration and in the order receipt that is sent after registration. Don't forget to click the Save button.

How to view players on the waitlist

View your Enrollment Summary Report. There are different ways to get there:

Waitlist 06.png

On the dashboard, click Enrollment Summary under Registrations.

Waitlist 08.png

From the Reports page, click Standard Reports, Registration, Enrollment Summary Report

Choose your program, click View Report

Waitlist 09.png

This is the Enrollment Summary Report. This shows you how many players are on the waitlist for each division.

Waitlist 10.png

Click the number under Waitlist for a division to see all players that are on the waitlist. You may sort this list by clicking the column headers. This list does not always sort by Date/Time the player joined the waitlist.

How to activate a player from the waitlist

Find the player that you want to activate.

Waitlist 11.png

Click the box next to the player that you want to activate. Then click the Activate Participants button.

Waitlist 12.png

You'll be presented with the option to send an email confirmation. It is recommended that you include as many details as necessary to for the player. Note: you cannot edit the default template for this email. You will need to edit the email every time you send it. Click Save & Finish button at the bottom of the page.

Email Sent to Player

Waitlist 14.png

This is a sample of the email that is sent to a player when they are activated.

Player Must Pay and Complete their Registration

Waitlist 15.png

When a player logs in at your region portal they will see that they have an open balance. They need to click on the View/Pay link to be taken to the shopping cart.

Remove a Player from the Waitlist

Waitlist 13.png

Click the box next to the player, then click Remove Participants button.

Review the email confirmation, click the Save & Finish button.

How to Prevent a Player from 'Jumping the waitlist line'

There have been reports in the past of a player being able to openly register while there are still players on the waitlist.

An example scenario would be a division with 40 registered players, a max player limit of 40, and more than one players on the waitlist. When a player is activated from the waitlist the max player limit will automatically increase by the number of activated players. Then, if a registered player is canceled from the division there are now fewer registered players than the max player limit. At this point there is an available registration space, but still players on the waitlist. In rare instances a player may be able to register for the available space, thus 'skipping the waitlist line.'

To prevent this from happening these steps should be followed if you are going to cancel a player from a division that has players on the waitlist.

  1. Reduce the Max Number of Participants by the number of players you are canceling
    1. This is done in Registration Forms, Division Settings for the program, and then the Advanced button.
    2. This division will now have a Max Player limit of one less than the players registered, this is okay.
  2. Cancel the player's registration
    1. The division will now have the same amount of registered players as the Max Player limit
  3. Activate a player from the waitlist
    1. The division's Max Number of Participants will automatically increase.
  4. Verify that the Max Number of Participants is correct.
    1. Verify this immediately after activating the player from the waitlist.

Unique Edge Case with Transferring Players

If a player is fully registered in a division and you transfer that player to a division that has a waitlist active with players on the waitlist Sports Connect will fully register this player in the new division, increasing the maximum number of players by one. This player will 'jump the line' for their new division because the system views this as an administrative player addition.

If the player in question needs to be placed on the waitlist for the division they are transferring into they would need to have their order canceled and then register in the correct division to be placed on the waitlist.

Also, a player that is on a waitlist cannot be transferred to another division because only fully registered players with completed orders can be transferred between divisions.

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