Volunteer Eligibility (Compliance)

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Association Platform Dashboard Compliance Widget

An easy way for a CVPA to see who may need to complete a safety course.

On the Dashboard the Compliance widget shows the items that are required for a volunteer to be eligible for AYSO. There are columns to show how many volunteers have completed or have not completed items. Note: SafeSport will show youth referees as Incomplete even though they are not required to take the SafeSport course.

AP Compliance 01.png

Click the view icon to view the list of volunteers marked as incomplete for an item.

Compliance 02.png

This screen will list those volunteers and their status.

To send an email to these volunteers, check the box next to their name and click Email Selected Members.

Compliance 03.png

On the Email Administrators page fill out the From Email Address, Subject, and compose your message. When you’re ready, click the Send button.

Risk Status

Compliance 05.png

Visit the Risk Status page to view volunteers with an incomplete background check status.

This page shows you a volunteers application date when they last submitted their background check and what their current risk status is.

Compliance 06.png

Youth volunteers will not show here.

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