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Sports Connect allows you to run reports based on the criteria decided.  Sports Connect can provide report on:  board member, training updates, Region Staff, Area Staff, coaches, and referees.

Login to Sports Connect.

In the tool bar click on Players / Admins.

ADMIN LOOKUP - select the membership year

Administrator Lookup

Make a selection:

  • Select Area – Choose the Area
  • Select Region – Choose the Region
  • Select Play Type – Select type
  • Select Age Group – Select type
  • Select Certification – Select type
  • Status Filter by – Select type
  • Risk Filter by – Select type
  • Media Type – Select type

For example: If you want to look up all board members in Area 1F.

  • Select Area 1F
  • Regions = Regions (for all Regions)

Then click Search

Once the selection is completed Choose Report and then the Printer icon.   

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