Clone an Event

From AYSO Wiki

1.  To Clone an Event, click on Manage Assessment, Event Admin.

Clone an Event 1.png

2.  Search for the event by Region or Course. You can also search for the event by the volunteer’s name.

Clone an Event 2.png

3.  Locate the event and click on the event.

Clone an Event 3.png

4.  Click on the three dots and select Clone.

Clone an Event 4.png

5.  Enter Start and End date. (Must be a current date).

Clone an Event 5.png

6.  Scroll down and click on Create Event.

Clone an Event 6.png

7.  After Event has been created, you can add the volunteer by searching for the volunteer’s name. Scroll down and click on the Plus sign to add the volunteer.

Clone an Event 7.png

8.  Proceed with the assessment and mark the event as complete.