Assessing Learners and Closing/Completing an AYSOU Event

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Training Video: Managing Course Roster "5 Minute Video"

These first 3 steps are shown in detail here: View Learners in an AYSOU Event

1.     Click on Manage Assessment and Event Admin.

2.     Click on Event Management.

3.     Locate your Event and click on the Event.

4. Click on Assess tab.

Assess Tab in AYSOU Event.jpg

5. Some of your learners may have issues flagged by AYSOU with an "Angry Triangle" which prevents assessing ANY of the learners in the class. The angry triangle may be an indication that the learner has already completed this event, possibly under a previous configuration. They may need Event 2 of a 2 Event course.

Angry Triangle in AYSOU Assess.jpg

If this is the case, return to the Learners Tab and delete the offending learner.

Delete a learner in AYSOU.jpg

6. Now you can Assess the remaining Learners. Click the "+" to go to the Assessment page

Assess Plus in AYSOU.jpg

On the Assessment page, mark any modules or tests that were successfully completed by each learner by clicking the box.

Marking a Learner's Assessment.jpg

7. When you have completed assessing the learners, you must mark the course Complete. This is the only way that the certifications will be recorded in their profile.

Click the Status tab

Status Tab in AYSOU.jpg

Click the 3 dots in the top right and choose Mark Complete. Notice that some of your Learners may not be Complete. These learners will not be certified until the complete their missing steps.

Mark AYSOU course complete.jpg