Paying For Volunteer Background Checks

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If your Region has elected to pay for your Volunteers' Background Checks, you will need to email to confirm this election. The toggle to elect 'Region Pays' is not accessible to the portal administrators. Once completed, submit your credit card information to Sterling Volunteers.

Credit Card On File

To maintain a credit card on file with Sterling Volunteers, download and complete this form, and email it to Then call 800-853-3228 option 6 to provide the balance of the credit card number (the form only asks for the last four)

Download-icon-green.svg   Download Credit Card Autopay Form

Unpaid Balances

If you have an outstanding balance with Sterling due to an expired credit card, you must clear the outstanding balance as soon as possible by completing the above process. Your card will be charged for all outstanding amounts once provided.

If you have a question regarding your invoice, please contact