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The AYSO Office recommends Chase Bank. The office can assist with new accounts, change of signers, and closing accounts.

New Accounts and Change of Signers

Download-icon-green.svg   Download New Account Profile

All bank signers should complete the New Account Profile and email the completed document along with two forms of ID to

To create a secure/encrypted email use the square brackets [ ] around the subject of your email, be sure the subject includes your Section, Area and Region. Once ALL signers have completed and submitted the paperwork, email, to confirm the number of accounts you would like opened, the names of all signers, and which signer is to be the primary contact - this customer will receive email notifications regarding account status. If no signer is indicated as primary, the RC will be set as the primary signer.

At the next appointment with the AYSO Office at the local branch, a new account(s) will be opened, and the referenced signers will be attached to the account.  You will be notified of the completion of this step. You have 10 business days to go to the branch, SIGN THE SIGNATURE CARD & MAKE A DEPOSIT. Failure to do so, will cause the account to close.  We recommend you make an appointment with a business banker at your local branch to accomplish this.

To change where your registration revenue is deposited, you must provide updated banking information to

Chase Bank Requirements

The account name will be American Youth Soccer Organization and cannot include the region name or number. Checks made out to anything other than American Youth Soccer Organization will not be accepted by the bank. We suggest the payor write the region name or number in the memo line.