Unregistering a Volunteer as an Admin

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If the volunteer cannot delete their volunteer registration, it is likely that they are listed under a team in Sports Connect.

They will need to be removed from the team, by a Regional Admin, in order for the small trash icon to populate their account.

  1. Log in to the Region's website on Sports Connect.
    Go to your region website and log in.jpg
  2. Search the volunteer under 'Search & Manage Users'.
  3. Go to the proper volunteer account listed, then click on 'View Account' under the 'Manage Accounts' drop box.
    Click on View Account on Dropbox.jpg
  4. With admin access, you should have a blue menu bar at the top with various options. In this case, please go to the 'Teams' dropdown and click on 'Manage Teams'.
    Click on Manage Teams under Teams.jpg
  5. On this page, you will need to filter in the team the volunteer is in. You can change the 'Program' and 'Division' filters.
    Search Teams-Programs & Division.jpg
  6. Once the teams are listed, go to the team listing they are a part of then go to the pencil icon and click on 'Team Personnel' on the dropdown box.
    Click on Team Personnel to Edit.jpg
  7. It is most likely the volunteer is listed under 'Allocated Team Personnel', so you will need to scroll down to find it. Here, you will find the volunteer that wants to delete. You will need to check off the small box on their listing, then click on the 'Remove Selected' button at the bottom. Make sure it is saved.
    Check off Volunteer then click on Remove Selected.jpg
  8. The volunteer will need to log in to their account and they should finally see the small trash icon next to their name.
    The small trash icon populates.png

If there are still issues with deleting a registration, please contact us at support@ayso.org.

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