Troubleshooting AYSOU Additional Account Holder

From AYSO Wiki

You have registered as the Primary volunteer and an Additional Account Holder. This creates a problem with the AYSOU button. To populate your AYSOU button, please follow the instructions listed below.

Note: Greyed out means you must still complete the additional account holder registration. You would do this if the additional account holder were under another volunteer’s name.

Additional Account Holder.png

1. To populate the AYSOU button, log into your Sports Connect account and click Find Volunteer Roles.

Additional Account Holder 2.png

2. Select your Position and click on Sign up as a registered user.

Additional Account Holder 3.png

3. Scroll down and click on your name to the left (Primary).

Additional Account Holder 4.png

4. Enter the missing information and scroll down and click on Save.

Additional Account Holder 5.png

5. Once you are done, log out of your account and log back in.

6. To remove yourself as the additional account holder. In the upper right-hand corner, click on the setting gear.

Additional Account Holder 6.png

7. Scroll down and click on Cancel and click on Save.

Additional Account Holder 7.png

Once you are done, your AYSOU button will appear.