Sports Connect Transaction Fee

From AYSO Wiki

Beginning with MY21, our Regional Management System, Sports Connect, began charging a transaction/service fee with every payment transaction.

A transaction is each time you complete the checkout process.  If you register, one or more players, at the same time, its one transaction. If you register one player and check out, then register another player at a later time, you will be charged the Service Fee twice, once for each transaction.

This also applies to payment plans; each payment will have a transaction fee, as each payment is a separate transaction.

This does NOT apply to volunteer registration as no transaction takes place.

AYSO receives no part of the service fee. This fee is non-refundable under any circumstance.

The transaction fee represents an exclusive discount that AYSO has secured, which is below the going market rate for similar systems. Unlike other Sports Connect soccer partners that are paying monthly fees, increased credit card processing rates, and a full-service fee, AYSO has secured this discounted offer by sponsoring some of the software cost and providing a lower fee to our membership.

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