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Certificates of Insurance (COI)

A Certificate of Insurance or proof of liability coverage, is usually required by property owners such as school districts, cities and their recreation departments and private businesses before they grant a Use Permit to any organization requesting permission to use their fields or facilities. Because AYSO's insurance policies renew on July 1, of each year. New Certificates of Insurance will be issued each year on July 1. Requests can be made prior to the renewal period, but Certificates will only be emailed to the Holder as of July 1st each year.

Request a New Certificate of Insurance

To request a new Certificate of Insurance, complete the online request form here. Note the following:

The Certificate Holder is generally the name of the entity who is requesting the proof of insurance, input their information in SECTION 1:

  • Certificate Holder Name is who the Certificate will be issued to and should reflect the Name as specified on the insurance requirements provided by the requesting agency.
  • Certificate Holder Street, City, State, Zip and e-mail are the contact details of the Certificate Holder, not the location of field or facility.

The Requestor Information is on behalf of the AYSO entity who will be using the field or facility, input that information in SECTION 2:

  • AYSO Region, Area, or Section # will be selected from the drop down. If you do not see your Region listed, please contact to be added.
  • AYSO Region, Area, or Section - Contact Name is the name of the authorized person for the Region making the request.
  • AYSO Region, Area, or Section - Contact Email is required so that the insurance broker can clarify any request details if necessary. This email will also receive a copy of the Certificate once issued.
  • Additional information or Special Verbiage Requested on Certificate is the field where special endorsements or other requirements for use of the facility can be specified. Be sure to provide the exact information as specified in the insurance requirements documentation, be prepared to provide the insurance requirements if contacted, and note that special verbiage or endorsements will require longer than usual processing times.

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Additional Support

If you are having difficulty completing the online form or feel you have a special circumstance, please email your insurance requirements document and related questions to [[1]]

Request a Renewal of a Certificate of Insurance

Certificates of Insurance are generally resent annually. If you need changes to an existing COI, please complete the online request form and indicate in the Additional Information field:

  1. This is a renewal of an existing COI
  2. Reason you are requesting changes

Proof of Insurance

If the facility use simply requires proof of insurance, without specifically being named, you can provide this generic Certificate, or as an interim measure while waiting for a Certificate of Insurance with the Holder's Name, Additional Information or Special Verbiage.

Download-icon-green.svg   Download AYSO Proof of Insurance 24-25

Additional Endorsement

An Additional Insured Endorsement is an addendum to the insurance policy that defines coverage provided by the policy to the Additional Insureds.

Download-icon-green.svg   Download AYSO Blanket Endorsement 24-25

Banned Activities

There is no coverage available for the following activities as outlined in AYSO National Policy Statement 2.16 Excluded Activities. Regions are advised that the following activities are excluded from AYSO’s insurance coverage and must not be included as AYSO sponsored activities:

  • Inflatable amusement devices which participants can climb or play on.
  • Fireworks or the sale of fireworks.
  • Amusement or carnival rides.
  • Tractor pulls, hay rides or riding on parade floats.
  • Rock climbing walls.
  • Bungee jumping or bungee type rides.
  • Trampolines.
  • Other potentially high risk, non-soccer related activities.

Additionally, AYSO insurance does not cover adults, including registered volunteers, playing in a game of soccer. This exclusion includes coach versus referee goodwill games, parent scrimmages and especially parent versus player scrimmages. Because of the risk of serious injury, under no circumstances should adults engage in scrimmages or games against minors. Adults registered in the AYSO Adult Soccer program will be covered by the Adult Soccer program insurance for official AYSO Adult Soccer activities.

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